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PoligonPoligon DSAPoligon WoodCustom CanopiesUSA Shade
Each site calls out for its own shapes, colors, and design. Park structures can be designed to follow along with surrounding architecture, or lead the way with a bold direction of their own. Examples of both aesthetics can be seen in our catalog. As you browse through it, we hope it assists you in creating the ideal gathering place for your community.

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polygon custom shade shelter

Poligon DSA
Some DSA projects require more… more imagination, more attention to detail, more skillful execution. That’s Poligon’s sweet spot. Whether you’re looking for a standalone structure or an integrated system of walkway covers, Poligon knows how to take your core concept and make it a reality.

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Poligon DSA Shade Shelter

Poligon Wood
Just as each site is distinctive, there are no ‘stock’ buildings at Poligon. Each building is made one-at-a-time to customer requirements. Customers select shapes, colors, ornamentation, roofing and special features. Computerized and automated manufacturing techniques speed this process up, while keeping the price down.

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poligon wood shade shelter

Custom Canopies
Custom Canopies is the leading manufacturer of quality shade canopies, sails and umbrellas for commercial needs. We’re dedicated to bringing our customers’ visions to life through the use of our cutting edge technology and engineer made materials, which we ship across the U.S. Our products are designed by industry leading designers and engineers who possess the special expertise and experience demanded by architects and required by government standards. From concept to implementation, you can design and build confidently with Custom Canopies as your partner.

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custom canopies

USA Shade
For the past 25 years, USA SHADE has been the proven leader in fabric structure design and technology. We have achieved this through an unyielding commitment to innovation and excellence and are dedicated to remaining a ground breaking, cutting-edge design/build firm for many years to come.

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usa shade