Playground Manufactures

Miracle Recreation Equipment

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company has over 80 years of experience, we are the RECREATION EXPERTS for all your commercial playground equipment, recreation and Outdoor Fitness needs. Miracle Recreation is Shaping the Future of Play.
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For 60 years, HAGS has been a leader in play equipment throughout Europe. Their products inspire play in each new generation, encouraging movement and physical activity. They owe much of their success to taking play seriously - providing a completely unique aesthetic and dynamic to any project. HAGS excels at unique designs and creating one of a kind custom play spaces utilizing durable materials including steel, wood and high density plastics.
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UPC Parks

UPC Parks is the perfect partner to add that “custom look” to any play space. If you can dream it, UPC Parks can make it. Want a playground with dragons and serpents…no problem. Treasure chests and pirates Great! Just give us your ideas and we can make them a reality using our state of the art design and manufacturing capabilities.
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Rocks & Ropes

Rocks and Ropes Adventure Playgrounds combine the thrill of roaming across wooded hills, over creeks, and through caves with the physical, social and safety benefits of the modern playground. Exploration, challenge and a sense of adventure combine with affordability, low maintenance and ease of installation to make Rocks & Ropes the perfect solution to your next project. PolyFiberCrete is a revolutionary lightweight blend of materials which retains the strength and value of concrete while offering exceptional texture for climbing. Built with a steel core, rope bridges are designed to resist damage and can be configured to challenge all levels and ages.
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HAGS Agito is a unique system featuring play functions that move, are flexible or offer resistance. In the same way as a branch gives a little when a child climbs or hangs on it, Agito features actively mobile functions such as balance bars, swinging ladders, tornados and pirouettes driven by the child’s own strength. The exciting architecture of the Agito range is irresistible to children, inviting them to visit and encouraging them to get moving. It presents a jungle of exciting experiences that will ensure kids never stop playing.
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Available in AZ and NV, Berliner playgrounds are made for generations – built to last for decades to bring movement not just to our kids, but to their kids also; therefore addressing sustainability in the interests of future generations. To achieve an optimum of sustainability, playgrounds have to be long lasting investments. We make our play structures last for decades, which makes replacements less necessary, thus saves resources. A large percentage of our playgrounds installed before 1980 are still in use, still safe, and still fun to play on.
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